People who are living in small homes or apartments lack space keeping few items. A bedroom needs space for the essential items to be placed. This can be done by adopting some wise decisions. The bed rooms that lack space, people should keep small things that fulfill their needs in a best way. Instead of putting a big table a small stool can be placed near the bed foot rest.

Color says it all:
The most important of all is to paint the walls of bedroom. The wall paint plays an important role in décor. If paint is lightly colored it will not only brighten up the room but it will make everything in the room to stand out. It can be made more gorgeous to cover the walls with beautiful wallpaper. It enhances the elegance of a bed room.
Hiding the stuff:
One of the majorproblems that people face is that they cannot find places to keep their stuff. The windowsill can be used as sitting area with a throw and some colorful cushions to add beauty. It is better to purchase the furniture that provides more storage area. The bed with drawers underneath will make things much better. A Lot of things can be stored easily.
A bookshelf mounted on the wall has many benefits:
• looks chic
• it will provide space for some stuff that needs to be replaced nearby
• and in reach when needed
Enhancing beauty:
There are numerous home decoration ideas that can come in handy while going for a décor. A small bed room can look larger by using them. Instead of putting sofas small well-designed folding chairs can do wonders. They look beautiful with colorful cushions. They can be folded easily and put aside when not needed.
The closets can be used with mirrors attached to them. These simple mirrors can make the bedroom bigger. There will be no need of placing a dressing table that takes a lot of space and difficult to move around.