Things you know if you only wear hoodies ALL THE TIME

Hoodie is basically a sweatshirt with a hood to cover the head, ears, nose and shoulder. The hood is equipped with a drawstring that helps in bringing the hood closer to the body and partially covers the face. They may or may not have a front zipper or pocket. They are available in vibrant colors, several innovative designs and graphics and are immensely popular among the youths.

Material used

The hoodies are usually available in several fabrics and each fabric has something unique to offer. The common fabrics that are usually used are explained below.

  • Fleece: It is the most common and widely used material. It provides enough warmth and can quite be helpful as the external layer during layering in the chilling winter days.
  • Cotton and cotton blends: Though they do not provide enough warmth for freezing winter days it is very useful during the rainy days. They are quite similar to traditional jackets and help in repelling water.
  • Wool blends and heavy fleece: During the bitter cold days these sweatshirts with hoods come to rescue. They help in maintaining the body temperature and protect from snowfall.
  • Nylon and nylon blends: They are also useful during the winter days due to their ability to repel moisture.
  • Brushed cotton: They are similar to cotton though they are a little expensive. It has a very soft texture and is very cozy and comfortable.

Some more info

Hoodies are usually of two types one with a front opening or zipper and the other like a traditional pullover. The pockets are divided in the one with front zipper while the traditional ones have one single pocket near the bottom. It tends to bulge out and is usually not so safe. Most of the hoodies have drawstrings while few have snap or elastic closures. Some drawstring can cause choking to small children. The drawstrings are usually available in several colors, styles and designs. Few of the hoodie has drawstring near the hemline at the bottom. They are usually worn by men, women and even children. They can also be cleaned very easily at home and rarely need ironing or dry cleaning. Nowadays several different kinds of graphics are printed on each hoodie, which makes them attractive among the young starts. The youths buy them after matching with their pants, shorts or skirts. Though are slightly expensive than normal t-shirts, shirts or even jackets they are definitely worth a try.

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