An IP Booter can test your server’s ability to receive more load. Apart from the fact that, booter is also used to test a site’s durability against DDoS. With the many things this can do to a server, getting it is something you must consider. Whether you are using a server for small, medium or large-scale business, one thing is a must, it should be protected and secured.

If you have no idea on which booter to use, it is best if you ask around people you know have tried using it.

There are many questions to ask references to ensure that you will come to the right decision. But to start it off, below are some of the relevant questions you can ask:

 Does the stresser was able to assess the available capacity of your server properly?

This is one of the things you must ask the reference person you are talking to. Were they able to get the help they need from it? Are they happy and satisfied with the service they receive from the provider?

 How fast does their customer service respond to their inquiry?

Another question to ask is the provider’s customer service support. Is their customer service team always available to answer questions? How fast do they respond to queries? Are their numbers always working? Is it easy to call their team or does it take time to wait for their representatives to answer calls?

 Will you use their service again?

Will they use the same service again for their other servers? If they say yes, then that only means they are very happy with it, and if they answer no, it is obvious that you must not consider the provider you are discussing.