Pain killers are the one which provides relief from excessive pain. The human body is a complex system. Therefore the pain is complex too. It takes place in any part of the body. The various types of pains are stomach ache, headache, muscular cramps, and even joint pain. These types of pain happen because of muscular strain and fatigue and can be cured by taking a painkiller.

What can be the reasons for pain?
• Genetics or hereditary aspect: the genetics or DNA of an individual goes a long way in determining the overall body structure and healthy lifestyle of an individual. The young ones of obese parents are most likely to inherit the same from their parents. But, this does not mean that it will necessarily happen. This can be controlled by having a proper diet, abstaining from fast food consumption and doing an ample amount of exercise
• Food: one would wonder as to how would food be the reason behind a person being overweight but, indeed the food you intake is one of the major reasons for your ill health. Junk food, desserts, beverages are some of the main food categories that cause the body to accumulate fat in excess and make your system function improperly
• Addiction for food: yes, there is a difference between being a gourmand and being addicted to food, which results in overeating. This causes the body to intake more food than it needs and causes indigestion and other immune problems
• Sugar products: the sugar products available in the market are the main reason for an individual having more than the required amount of calories in the body, which cause obesity and excess fat collection
Lastly according to the experts it has also been said that the muscles don’t get hurt up in the out, they get built up while you don’t follow a healthy lifestyle. You should give your muscle around 48 or 72 hours of the time for recovering between the workouts.