Foundation problem, an overview

Foundation is a vital part of a structure, be it a home or an office. If the foundation is unstable, then you should better get out of the building. The presence of water or moisture content in the soil will make the soil particles to swell or contract. If the properties of the soil change, then there will be changes in the foundation as a whole. A simple movement in the concrete slab can cause a crack in your floor. Your underfloor water pipelines should have proper sealing. If there is any leak in these pipelines, it will be the cause for water content into the ground. You can identify the leakage under the floor through cracks in the floor, molds in the walls, etc. If you find any of these signs of foundation issues, you should go to a repair contractor. foundation repair dallas can help you with foundation repair in Dallas. There are several reasons for these foundation problems. In this article, let us discuss some of the causes in brief.

Two main causes of foundation repairs

Clay content in the soil

Clay has a property of expanding in rainy or flood situations and contracting in a hot environment. So, if your foundation soil is clay, then your building may have the risk of collapsing due to seasonal changes. If it is summer, the soil particles will contract, thus causing a downward movement of your structure and vice versa during rain or floods. At first, you will notice small cracks. But if left unattended, it may cause serious damages.

Pipe leakages

The primary cause of foundation repair is water. If you have an underneath water pipeline system, you should maintain it without any space for leakage. When the water starts to leak, the damage will begin.